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Case Studies I’m Proud Of

Here's a sampling of projects and roles that I'm proud of, as well as how I approached each one. If you want to hear more about what I've done, feel free to reach out!

Case Studies

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D-Planner, LLC

Course planning done right

Academic planning is difficult for students, especially when information is fragmented and hard to find. D-Planner is a better way of planning out your time at college. Winner of the 2018 DALI Pitch Competition.

Outline of the state of New Hampshire

Granite State Volunteering

Encouraging volunteerism within NH youth

Working with the NH House of Representatives, how can we encourage New Hampshire youth to contribute to thier communities via the centralization and curation of volunteer opportunities?

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Hardware JPEG Accelerator

Accerated encoding of JPEG images

Compressing raw image data is a core part of modern image processing flows, and is an expensive process if not implemented efficiently. This project implements this compression flow in a parallelized FPGA hardware implementation to maximize encoding efficiency.

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Intermediate Computer Interface Device

US Patent 9,632,952

How can we leverage hardware to enable USB Human Interface Device (HID) macros and signal repeaters on systems in which you don't have access to software installers?

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ITC Vox Daily

Modern content curation for Dartmouth College

How can we create a modern content creation workflow for Dartmouth College that can handle curating, approving, and rendering submitted daily college content?

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Microsoft PowerBI

Improving UX within the PowerBI Suite

How can we optimize and modernize the user experience within the Paginated Reports suite within Microsoft's larger PowerBI suite?

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Meshtastic Network Management Client

Managing Open Source Ad-Hoc Mesh Networks

How can we allow non-techincal users to rapidly deploy and manage complex mesh network topologies in a low bandwidth environment?

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Portable Radio Repeater

Enabling all-condition radio communication

A highly portable radio repeater mast that allows search and rescue workers to communicate via radio in highly mountainous and dangerous terrain, built to support and improve existing radio infrastructure.