Adam McQuilkin

Developer, Product Designer

A passionate Dartmouth College computer science and design student, specializing in web and application development.

about me

my background

Computer Science and Engineering Student at Dartmouth College.

I have a varied background in computer science, engineering, and product design, with both industry and theoretical experience. I'm passionate about creating immersive user experiences in everything I do, and I believe this shows in my work. I've compiled a summary of what I've done, what I've earned, and what I can do.


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A summary of my work experience, including both personal projects and professional roles.


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Accolades that I've earned from exceptional work and personal endeavors.


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Relevant skills that I've learned during my work and personal research.

Open Source

Mesh Networking

Meshtastic Network Management Client

How can we give non-techincal users the confidence and ability to rapidly deploy and manage complex mesh network topologies in a low bandwidth and low reliability environment?

A mockup showing the network management client and a simulated mesh network.

about me

my passions

Part-time professional phographer, specializing landscape and travel.

When I'm not working or studying, you can often find me enjoying the great oudoors. I love to hike and mountain bike, and I dabble in landscape and adventure photography. I also enjoy tinkering with electronics and 3D printing. I've compiled a few photos from my adventures here!


my experience

My employments and personal projects.

I pride myself on my ability to draw from my experiences to improve my work. Here is a selection of my previous and current positions, and what I brought to each of these roles.


what I've done


June 2022 - Sept 2022

Software Engineer Intern, Power BI Reach Team

Worked with principal engineering team to research and implement an MVP concept for a novel web-authoring flow within the PowerBI Paginated Reports service, allowing the creation and editing of business reports in a web ecosystem.


May 2021 - Aug 2021

Software Engineer Intern, Power BI Reach Team

Investigated and outlined, and implemented a novel frontend state and side-effect management flow for use within the PowerBI Paginated Reports team, currently used by 50+ developers on a product with 200K+ unique MAU.


Jan 2019 - Present

Development Mentor, Developer, Product Designer

Worked on MVP-level contract work for business and non-profit partners. I both work as a full-stack developer and as a mentor. I regularly lead product teams in scoping and effective product development, as well as creating mentorship policy for new and returning lab members.

D-Planner, LLC

Sept 2018 - August 2020

Co-Founder, Product Designer, Full-Stack Developer

Founded a startup to improve academic planning for all students, winning two rounds of early-stage startup funding through Dartmouth College tech incubators. Designed, managed, and implemented a modern online suite of tools to give students control over their future within higher education.

Nextmove Technologies

June 2019 - Aug 2019

Head of Web Development

Worked with company leadership to create a repository of corporate marketing materials for use on web and print campaigns. This included writing, filming, and editing a complete internal training suite as well as imaging all company product lines.

Nextmove Technologies

June 2018 - Aug 2018

Head of Web Development

Worked company leadership to completely redesign and rebuild their online presence, with a focus on improved user experience and maintainability. Increased website traffic by 220%, lowered site bounce rate by 60%, and increased page views per session by 70% over three months.


my achievements

What I've done that I'm proud of.

I strive to be the best I can be in all that I do, both personally and professionally. Here are my proudest achievements, and relevant background information on each.


what I've earned

United States Patent 9,632,952

Awarded Jan 2017

Inventor, Sole Patent Holder

Designed, developed, and patented a physical hardware macro device for use in data processing and gaming applications. This device was patented on research conducted during a high school independent study.

Wilderness First Responder

May 2019 - Present

Certified Wilderness Medical Provider (WFR)

Trained in advanced backcountry lifesaving, focused on immediate medical response and evacuation techniques. Finished top in my class, achieving a perfect score in the intensive 80-hour training course.

New England Hundred-Highest Club

Aug 2005 - Aug 2020

AMC Hunderd-Highest Award Recipient

Worked over the course of 15 years to summit the 100 tallest peaks within New England, many of which require advanced backcountry navigation and wayfinding training.

BSA Eagle Scout Rank

Awarded Jan 2017

Highest Rank Attainable in the Scouts BSA

Awarded the rank of Eagle Scout after 11 years of membership. Led a group of 30 volunteers rebuilding cabins for a local non-profit land trust, totaling over 250 person-hours and raising $1000 in the course of six hours.


my skills

What I'm good at, and what I love doing.

Over the course of my professional life I've been exposed to many different fields. Here are my strongest fields, and information on what I can do within each.


what I've learned

Frontend Web Development

Specialzing in dataflow management and Jamstack applications

Deep experience with building efficient and highly maintainable user interfaces, using tools such as Redux and NextJS. Experience with both short-turnaround and matintenance-phase applications.


Typescript, Javascript, HTML, CSS, SASS / SCSS


Git, ReactJS, Redux, NextJS, Webpack, Babel

Backend Web Development

Specializing in robust and efficient service development

Experience with building scalable and maintainable backend code, both with servers and serverless functions. Specializing in NodeJS and Deno, with professional experience in .NET and Rails.


Typescript, Javascript, C#, Python, Java, C++, Ruby


NodeJS, ExpressJS, ASP.NET, Ruby on Rails, Deno

Embedded Development

Experienced in IoT and web-enabled device development

Experienced in writing low-level application code and HDL, with background ranging from the USB protocol to embedded monitoring and IoT systems. Specialty in web/hardware interfacing via embedded UI and REST clients.


C / C++, SystemVerilog, VHDL, Verilog, Python


Xilinx Vivado / ISE, Visual Studio, Arduino, Fusion 360

Product Design

Experienced in creating coherent user experiences

Trained in UI/UX and product design. I work to ensure a lasting positive user experience, whether related to web interfaces or complete product flows. I often use my product design experience to improve the user interfaces I build.


Figma, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe CC